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Igea Marina and surroundings

A short distance from our apartments you will find  “Polo Est”, a new entertaining spot  that is located in the beach. Access to facilities and services is free and open for everyone. You’ll have qualified staff  available : instructors of yoga, aerobics and water aerobics , children's entertainers, DJs, and dancing masters, beach volleyball and beach tennis, toilets and showers. If you like water sports, I recommend you the sailing club "Rio Pircio" on the quay , with the  Windsurfing Center of Igea Marina, where excellent instructors teach courses for beginners of windsurfing and sailing. There is also the School of Swimming for adults and children.

igea marina e dintorniIf you are a lover of relaxation and tranquility , a five-minute bike ride away you  will find a beautiful pond surrounded by a shady park, that will offer, in sunny summer days, the possibility of healthy and relaxing walks.  In immediate proximity you can enjoy tennis courts, soccer fields, a bike path, and the presence of green areas equipped with playing  entertainment for the little ones.

 If you decide to make trips or excursions, 20 meters from our apartments there is a bus stop, from which you can go to  visit the parks: Aquafan, Mirabilandia, Oltremare, Le Navi, Italy in Miniature or the locality of our inland:


San Marino

igea marina e dintorni

It rises 750 meters above sea level, and is the ancient and smallest  sovereign state in the world that for centuries has maintained its freedom and independence.  On the Titano mountain soar the profiles of the three towers, symbol of Republic, which,  apart from the masses of various  glories, can boast  its noteworthy history and  philatelic and numismatics traditions highly valued worldwide.

Being a duty-free zone , San Marino is also an attractive place for shopping lovers.



igea marina e dintorniA  place a little bit special,  a pearl  in the  valley "of the poets"  Valmarecchia - : this is Santarcangelo! Places of obligatory visit are: the Malatesta Fortress, the Capuchin monastery, the nineteenth-century fish market,   the Arch and Square dedicated to Pope Ganganelli, the "mysterious" tuff caves and the artisan workshops of wrought iron , art forging and  canvas rust-printing.

San Leo

igea marina e dintorni

In the heart of Valmarecchia valley, on a hill of 650 meters, is  located San Leo, the historic capital of the Montefeltro region. As well as for its Fortress, the Parish, and the Duomo(cathedral), San Leo is also famous for the mysterious and fascinating character of the Count "alchemist" Cagliostro, which was imprisoned in the fortress and died there in 1795.


igea marina e dintorni

The splendid panorama of Valmarecchia valley dominates in a strategic position. Apart from the fort there are the Collegiate Church of Saints Martin and Francis of Assisi, and the Civic Archaeological Museum.




igea marina e dintorniA classic ancient hamlet, that rises 142 meters above sea level, enclosed with a long boundary wall, where the imposing picturesque castle, a superb example of military architecture, completes the medieval center. From the height of this hill opens a beautiful panoramic view of the olive and grape fields, seascapes of the Adriatic Sea.

The fortress was completed by the Malatesta family between 1307 and 1325 and subsequently renovated several times. Nowadays the castle and fortress of Gradara are one of the most well-preserved medieval structures in Italy. In the historical center there are two Catholic churches, a few nice souvenir shops, several restaurants and bars, a historical museum of Gradara and local theater. Legend says that in Gradara Malatesta family experienced the tragic love of Paolo and Francesca, sung by Dante in the "Divine Comedy."


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